23 September 2009

Topsy and Tim

I don't like not having no pictures to put up. I like looking at other peoples, so i assume they like looking at mine.

Some news, more appointments. I have one mid-October for an mri scan on my brain. No jokes please I know I have a brain. And another please don't read if your squeamish, on my eyes. They are going to attach gold rings on my inner eye lid to see if the electrical currents to my brain is working. And place some electrodes to my head, I mustn't have head lice (!) or any hair products on my hair. mmm a lovely test to look forward too!!!

Been a little bored of late. One good thing that tells me is that I'm feeling better. Because when I was ill I never got bored because I was concentrating on feeling unwell. Surely that is a good thing.

Thought of a girls name for my puppy to be. Topsy. The story goes, when I was six I got a cat I really wanted a girl so I told my aunt to call the kitten Topsy (as her cat was the one having kittens). Well her cat had all boys, and she still called the cat Topsy, I said no, if its a boy it will be called Tim, ( after the Topsy and Tim books, I was a big fan at six). So I thought it might be a nice connection to my long departed moggie. Anyway we shall see.

Not much happening really. No stories to tell. Nope, nothing, nada.

Hope everyone else is ok, xxxx

Not sure I like writing properly. Its slowed me down typing thats for sure. Maybe thats a good thing. I need to slow down. Not whizz around 15 to the dozen.


Rachael said...

So are you defiantly going to get a dog? it will be great if you do :)

Thats a great name for a puppy, will certainly suit a small breed of dog.

Good luck with the appointments, that eye one sounds a bit nasty, hopefully it wont be as bad as it sounds!

Robert said...

I was surprised to see your post written in an untypical manner... But I neither like nor dislike that. Whatever way you choose to write, for me it's the content that's interesting.

Good luck with the medical proceedures!

Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

You're really being put through the mill but its heartening to see your outlook. As you said in your post the signs are great and its also good that you are noticing them yourself as we usually fail to do that.

Good luck with the dog. I am sure it will bring a lot of warmth and love into your life. I like the story behind the naming.

All the best


PS Yes please do post some more photos when you get the chance. A new tenant will bring a great opportunity for that.

alice said...

hi rachael

im pretty certain that a dog is on the horizon.

im trying not to think of the eye appointment. im sure i will be ok, and nearer the end of this trial of unwellness. x

hi robert

mmm i think i will be writing in my old odd fashion. much easier for me and my fuddled head at the moment. thanks.x

hi nechtan

been suffering with a headache the last few days, fingers crossed im not going backwards instead of forwards. trying to think of how far ive come so far on this road.

yeah and the names sweet. x