19 September 2014

I've not been here for awhile.  I shut down over a year ago.  I was tempted to press delete, yet didn't I put the blog on hold.  Lots of things have happened mainly health wise.  Much has stayed the same.  

28 May 2013

childhood wallpaper - 1979

when I was young I shared a bedroom with my sister.  L is 9 years older than I was, so being the late 70s early 80s she was with it.  I adored her clothes, shoes, hair dos.
the bedroom is being decorated at present.  behind the wardrobes were the wallpaper we shared.  i loved the colours, animals.  one strange thing, i remember by bed, up the head end sat the cat, i would pick at the cats face, until the cat had a face no more.   L would careful sketch the eyes, nose, whiskers, yet i would continue to take them away.
i cant imagine the whole bedroom covered with this visually noisy wallpaper.  yet at the time it seemed ok.  made me smile to see it again.

20 May 2013

another hospital day...

had an appointment late afternoon at kings for an mri.  only my second time in the machine.  first time around was ok, i had convinced myself i would be fine.  i refused to look at the scary machine, turned my back, shut my eyes when i was slowly wheeled in.  kind of worked.  this time was much the same.  until the end of the test when i thought i would open my eyes.  big mistake.  i didn't realise how confined i actually was.  a few seconds later i was pulled out.  a tip to anyone, shut your eyes if you have an mri!  foggy,woolly head hope this makes sense.

18 May 2013

crochet & and bags

do you ever get those little bags with gifts in?  then you don't know what to do with the bag, keep it, throw it, charity it.....

well this bag i'm using as a portable crochet bag.  sometimes when im feeling unwell, I can go out in the car, yet am unable to sit up much so stay in the car.  the seat in the car is reclinded back with pillow, my feet are placed on the dash, and I crochet for awhile.    new scarf - the wool is over 26 years old, soft, history behind the wool, another scarf in the making.

16 May 2013

aw rosy.....


oh rosy.

14 May 2013

bit of making-do-and-mending

my bedside table were originally champagne boxes.  I had then for around 17 years, so when I had my room decorated they were given a white wash.  they are actually a really neat idea.  slim, so I don't bash into them when I get out of bed.  keeps some of books in order. 
the bedroom was covered in pink blooms, all around the room reminding me of something of 'the yellow wallpaper'.  I was happy to be in the room when newly out of hospital because the room is situated nearest to the bathroom.  even now when I stumble out of bed at night for the loo, I only have a few paces to go. 
now the bedroom is peaceful.  potters clay on the walls, easy on the senses.