22 November 2009


thought you might like some pictures of croydon, no jokes please! the building in front is the headquarters of nestle, pretty little lights on top of the concrete block glisten at night. doesnt it look grey and tired.
and here is the flyover. more tall buildings that dominate croydon. on the right is hq of direct line insurance. i suppose living here for so long you get used to the blandness.


Coffeecup said...

The architechts probably thought they were the bees knees when they designed those buildings. It does look a bit inhospitable and unfriendly yes, but so do most city town centres in the UK. Bland grey and functional. Blugh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

Yes I agree with Coffeecup. Most places, around about me anyway, are very drab and dated looking. Its nice to see where you have been in the car though and the detail when you enlarge the photos is great.

All the best


alice said...

hi steph

i suppose thats true many other towns are just the same. grey.



hi nechtan

i take nearly all pictures from the car, standing is more of a problem at present. im sure to find some bright and cheerful pictures soon and i will be sure to post them. xxx