4 May 2010

battersea park

after much umming and arring, we decided to go to battersea park. the morning was rainy and chilly so the coast was out. after the trip up there the sun seemed to show itself for a while which was lovely. and being the foolish person that i am i thought how tempting would a boat ride be? i was able to get in the boat, yet experienced a bit of tachycardia whilst being rowed around the lake. i left my camera on land with mum and sister, so i missed out on taking some snaps on coots up close and a heron perched in a tree.

back home i ate pieces of chocolate cake which topped the day off. i shouldnt of done as much as i did because i felt it at night. my joints ached and i was shivery cold. so i made a hot water bottle, that only made me come of hot and ill. ah you cant have it always. sorry if this post is incomprehensible lots of fogginess today.


agoraphob said...

That looks like fun! But sorry you are feeling blah today.

The pics remind me of being a kid. we went on lots of canoe tips like that. So fun!

ellen said...

Happy B Day Em! The pond looks very lovely. Too bad you had to suffer for your day out - but maybe it's best to 'seize the day' anyway. Glad you did.

Rusty Hoe said...

Glad you got out and about on your b'day and that you ended your day with cake which as we all know is the best medicine for whatever ails you. Sometimes the after effects are worth the joy of the day. xxxx

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

I glad you had a decent day. Good to see you out on the water. It would have been easier to stay at home so well done for going out and making something of your birthday.

All the best


Achelois said...

Ok so I said Happy Birthday before The Day and now again after The Day. That's me at the moment a little all over the place.

I love the pics. I love pics on blogs because I am nosey I guess. I can't get up the stairs on a double decker bus anymore but in my youth, I loved travelling on them. Because I love looking at people's gardens. I hope that doesn't make me some weird person. Now I have to content myself with liking it when people post photo's on blogs. To share a moment in time is just great especially as I don't have to get off my *um can't type it with the b in as my mother was a Headteacher and refused to accept the word as acceptable. I remember being twelve and deliberately saying very loudly indeed oh ^um for the delicious satisfaction of her response.

I digress as ever though Em. I am really pleased you enjoyed your day. Despite the horrid ague.

I always think with EDS that it goes like this 'To ague or not to ague'. (I know crap joke but it makes me laugh and helps as I am in mind blowing pain right now).

By way of explanation some with EDS get the equivalent of the mini flu when they do more than that which is considered by 'normals' as minor stuff. This is a medical fact. Regulating one's core temperature is a complicated business with EDS, which is why we are hard to share a bed with. Hot, cold, clammy, shivering, sexy wrecks us lot.

Can you tell Em that I can't sleep - I didn't have a birthday but I did have my grandson all day today. Arriving at 7.10 am - I have that ague tonight along with memories of a wonderful day spent doing nothing much. I am good at that. He loves it as it gives us so much time to read stories and talk. I sat on a bench and watched him play football. said bench was no good for a rag doll like me and this has rendered me all ague'd out. So thank you Em for this white box to comment it is much appreciated.

Sending empathy and if you weren't just a friend of the virtual kind I could have sent you a present. Jokes aside. So pleased you got to out, did you shut your eyes and pretend you were in Venice? I do hope so. I watched Jamie Oliver on the tv there last night and although I thought the recipes were a tad basic I was muchly impressed by the bronzed fisherman in his speedo's. There is something about the way an Italian man can flaunt his bronzed body that makes me feel happy.

I am off now - once again I comment and comment......

Hope today is a happy smiley one.

Em said...

trust me, thinking that i had replied to my bloggy post, then took a quick look, low and behold i havent, i apologize, heads in a mess!!!

hi shelley

i loved the peaceful feeling being on calm water gives you. must try to do this again, canoes sound wonderful too. xxx


hi ellen

thanks, hey i know that if i do anything unusual then im going to have pay back, its goes with the condition im afraid. xxx


hi michelle

nothing beats a bit of choccy cake, only eaten on my birthday it becomes an extra special treat. xxx


hi nechtan

im glad i was able to treat myself to a day out. brought back so many memories from when i was small, my dad still has his little boat round the side of the house, although the wooden seats are now rotten. xxx


hi achelois

hope your ok.x i guess ive become to used to feeling old and a little whacked out after a day out, well for the last three years or so. im grateful, even more so now that i can get out and do things, in a strange way because im thinking of my physical health the anxiety seems to take a back seat, although not all the time. xxx