14 June 2010


yeah butter wouldnt melt and all that......

shes got the fleas. i have lovely raised red bites on my arm and chest, irresistible to scratch. im trying to slap savlon on them, because on saturday (yep saturday weird day for a hospital appt) i have an echocardigram, an ultra sound of my heart to attend. i dont want to look like a flea ridden smelly cat women. (i know i have a dog but smelly old women have cats!) let the savlon commence.


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Oh I remember fleas well and those bites from our cat. I hope they clear up but more than that I hope all goes well on Saturday- that is a strange day to go to hospital.

All the best


Em said...

hi nechtan

lots and lots of tcp, ive found that the tcp numbs the bites and reduces the lovely red marks!!!

oh tomorrow the days, fingers crossed.x