12 June 2010

yummy, chalky,fizz,mmmmm.........

so i had the barium meal yesterday morning. as per usual not as bad as i thought it was going to be. when i arrived i checked my pulse in the small, clean alcove that i was wheeled into. so as not to look like a hypo it took me several times, as when a doc or nurse walked past me i quickly folded my hands. well my pulse was 58bpm, not exactly an anxious pulse yet i still felt all the familiar feelings that go with anxiety. this was going to be a real test for me, over the past year ive put up with some pretty demanding tests, yet to drink some awful slop while laying down, well i convinced myself it wasnt going to be pleasant.

i changed into the fashionable gowns they provide, the jovial nurse tied the back up for me, then i climbed onto the flat metal table. she talked me through what was going to happen, then came the mixture. didnt look too bad, considering i had to drink two lots of potassium tablets last year, (worse possible taste ever, cats pee would taste delicious in comparison) i just thought please lets get this over with. the doc walked in, asked whether i had ehlers danlos, yep i have, also pots, something which he hadnt heard of, he informed me that he must 'look that one up'. i was told to take a gulp of the mixture, i did, chalky, space dust, you remember the small packets of black with orange moons on that popped in your mouth well thats what it reminded me off. i had to take quite a few mouthfuls, the test was over in about ten minutes. kind nurse gave me some wet tissue to wipe my attractive white lips and i was off. i even managed a quick cuppa afterwards. so there you go, always thinking the worse. one funny thing, they told me it goes in white and comes out white, mmmmm. im not a fox!!!


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Space Dust. Oh I remember that. There are still some pretenders around today as the kids have had some and I seem to remember some dairy milks being laces with some too not too long ago.

You really have put up with a lot and you must wonder when you are doing so how you can have a doc say 'I must look that one up'. Surely if you are putting so much in for your part the least the doc can do is look at your notes before hand. It doesn't inspire much confidence.

Again with these posts it just confirms to me how strong you have become and how you have developed a great attitude to dealing with these things. You should be proud of yourself. But I just wish these clowns would give you some meaningful feedback when you are more than holding up your side of the bargain.

Take care,


Coffeecup said...

A huge well done Em, you really did yourself proud. It must be so worrying going through all these tests but it does seem that little by little you're getting the answers and hopefully at the end of the process you'll have the right support, medication and so forth, to make you feel perfectly well again.

You have a such a lovely attitude. I never read about you feeling sorry for yourself or victimised by your conditions. You make me look at myself in a different light, one who wants to be more accepting as you are.

PS. I love your new retro blog theme. Someone's been playing with the new display buttons I see! Wonderful xxx

diver said...

Hi Em, well done with pushing through that anxiety! Few people get through a hospital visit without an encounter with anxiety I guess ... they're such provocative places aren't they!

Your wrap made me laugh Em. Perhaps this is what they mean by the term Foxxy Lady?

Rusty Hoe said...

Yay Em, (you know I almost typed Alice then LOL) you made it through and with minimal damage, though I must admit I'm kinda intrigued as to whether it will come out as it goes in (gross I know, sorry). Every time I go in for something anxiety hits. I am soon to go back into the thumping fluro coffin of death (MRI) for yet another scan, I may need to drop by and borrow a cup of your courage ;)

Em said...

hi nechtan

space dust, the lovely exploding feeling when it hits the tongue, i loved it as a kid.

the doc knew i had ehlers danlos, i think the neuro put this on the notes but omitted pots, you know what docs are like!!!

if you would of told me five, or ten years ago that i would be enduring this current situation i would of, well i would of thought of hell. yet its been thrown at me, and i think ive surprised myself sometimes how ive coped. its helped with support, and you guys seriously if ive been down and come on here to some funny comments or so ordeal in others blogs which ends up fine, im happy. its also a great distraction from daily life. thanks.xx

hi steph

i noticed on your blog the reference to whole pages of news blog backgrounds to choose from, i hopped, skipped, and jumped over to mine and signed in. i couldnt resist trying out the new background, i loveeeee the print and colours. will try and squeeze the camper length wise again to fit into the space provided.

i think i have changed some in my attitude towards things. getting angry or sad really makes me feel awful, sometimes for days now which is strange so i try to look for the solution straight away or try and laugh. i think if i wasnt ill then i would still at times rant over things that just dont matter. im not zenned out by no means but im getting there. xxx

hi diver

my niece was so intrigued with the end product from the barium meal she asked if i could take a photo. mmm a little bit too far for me!!!! made me laugh though. x

hi michelle

oh you have to endure the banging noise of the lovely doughnut tunnel. i imagined i was in bed and a neighbour was doing home improvements. then i thought i was on a beach, anywhere but where i actually was. i coped, it was ok. no show on the chalky exit yet, im still waiting!!!xxx