22 July 2010

20 minutes from croydon.........

20 minutes from croydon, your in the countryside. my sister has a stable, which houses her and my nieces horse. this morning we planned to go visit. waking up with a pressured chest i think mostly due to the weather taking a dip, we decided to go regardless. perched in the hills, i got to brush this gorgeous little shetland pony named pepe. the previous stable user left him behind and the owners agreed to take him on, he lives in the fields, however my niece has taken a shine to pepe, she asked the owner of the stables could she groom him, which she was allowed. so while my sister takes care of their horse my 12 year old niece spends her time brushing, toe clearing outing, and whatever you do to ponies!!! i was able to help a little, hes just the right size for a potsie sitting in a chair. had to stop after a while due to my arms aching. the clouds decided to tip down, so we ended up in the tack shed ( i think its called that), listening to baby swallows chirping for their mother, which was an extra delight. they had nested in the roof.


Sarah♥ said...

Who would have thought just 20 minutes from Croydon there is such beautiful greenery.


Em said...

hi sarah

croydon is in greater london, so the suburbs really, 20 minutes more and you have the surrey and kent countryside which is truly beautiful. your hair looks lovely. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

Sounds so idyllic and Pepe looks adorable. Its great that there is somewhere so peaceful near at hand. Chalk and cheese with the city.

All the best


Em said...

hi nechtan

yeah it is peaceful. i will take a picture soon, theres a place just past crystal palace, top of a hill, one direction you see the skyline of london, the other nothing but trees and woodlands, pretty spectacular i think. hope you feel a little better soon. x