2 December 2010

christmas decs + hairwashing

the red heart i made as a little decoration.

a few weeks back i was in house of fraser buying a christmas gift, the counter was molton brown, i got into a conversation with the assistance, she asked what was wrong with me, i didnt mind she was friendly. when i purchased the gift she shoved a number of testers into my bag, then she went next door and raided the aveda counter for free samples. well i tried the shampoo, oh no my hair feels lousy. i usually wash my hair every other day, otherwise being dark haired my hair looks greasy, urgh. well thats the state of my hair today, lousy yucky. on closer inspection the shampoo was for dry hair, doh.

also im thinking of some new anxiety tips. i need to write them down first, maybe it will work maybe not. i know one thing i concentrate too much on the task at hand when im anxiety fighting, which to me doesnt seem healthy. do normal people do this? if we concentrate to much dont we just make matters worse? ideas will follow.


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Isn't it great to find some compassion from a stranger? That was nice, and some free samples.

I've read many a book that would agree with you. The more you try to do the less you actually get done. To be honest I don't think its the sole property of anxious people but a condition of the world we live in. I think we should all go a bit Jamaican and chill a little. It will be great to read some of your thoughts on axniety and I hope they work out for you.

All the best


Achelois said...

Oh em i love love the heart - I have hearts all over my wall dresser in kitchen posted a pic somewhere ages ago on my blog. But always always hang more. i love the one you have made. I wish I were as good as you at all things crafty - I know I would start with good intentions to make one that looked like yours to end up with something no doubt I would have to pretend I made as a child. Maybe just maybe I could pluck up the courage. Can I ask what actual size is? I know its difficult with a heart but the diameter would be a starting point?

I am so sorry for your disaster with the shampoo but it did give me a giggle sorry em but it did make funny reading. Now I just need a nice girl like that to fill my bad with goodies.

Well I'd like to join you and Nechtan in Jamaica if you would have me. I am hitting the anxiety wall at the minute (something to do with Xmas I think from childhood) so I will be looking for the tips too. Distraction is good that why I like reading blogs - not blogging at the moment as I can't do that - as I just want to write over and over - EDS is shit please excuse my language but thats the truth of it at the minute. So may have to put a sign up on my blog to that effect. i just can't keep writing I hurt, it hurts, my life is small and I am boring over and over can I. Perhaps I need to make myself some hearts!

Take care em.

Achelois said...

sorry em forgot to ask - did you stick the thingies on (brain gone) sequins? If so with what type of glue. Rushing off all embarrassed now at commenting twice and asking such simplistic questions.

Em said...

hi nechtan

sure is a delight when someone is just kind for kinds sake.

drew some work up on anxiety, it probably wont suit all, i really need to get my backside into action. i know there are little things that i can do, i dont though i just put them off or ask other people to do them. i know its going to be difficult but we'll see. try to put them up this week and explain. x

Em said...

hi achelois

the heart is about 2'' in height. the sequins are sewn on, very fiddly and my eyes hurt afterwards from the tiny little buggers. what i have to do now is 10/15 minutes of work then leave the project because otherwise i get far to tired and start to hurt. no ideal but thats just how things go. i put off picking up my work for along time because i just couldnt bare doing things so slowly, but thats they way things go now, and im working through some ideas which is nice for me.

i really hope your health improves a little and soon. we know there is no magical cure for this doozer of an illness, just relief sometimes. im so sorry your going through this. x