29 December 2010

my dad trying to look interested, bless him.


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Its strange but for once in my life your dad is exactly how I pictured him in my head. A bit of style and purpose. Great photo. He looks the centre of it. Though does look as he is just about to lunge at a sculpture.

Great header too.

All the best


Achelois said...

I think your dad looks more interesting than the sculpture to be honest.

ditto on the header!

mitch said...

Priceless expression Em. Great shot :)

Em said...

hi nechtan

its funny how you have images of people in your mind, i sometimes do that and very shocked at the outcome! he really didnt want to go, yet did ponder some pieces on the day. little rose how could i not include that photo!x

Em said...

hi achelois

ha ha, some pieces were a little, mmm i just cant find the words. thanks rosy appreciates the admiration.x

Em said...

hi mitch

thanks, i think next stop is kew gardens, something which might be better done in the spring.x