11 February 2011


i cant start another post with im exhausted and tired. (i am)

ive had a blocked ear for nearly a week now, which is putting me in a grumpy mood. along with the ear ive extremely loud tinnitus. went to the drs this morning after a weeks worth of ear drops, they informed me i have to wait another week before they will syringe. arghhhhhhh!

so in the meantime im going crazy.

finished Basils dog coat, a cute fluffy mutt that i know. i just have to present it too him.

trying to stay optimistic when all i want to do is chop my ear off.

continuing with session three of psycho-d therapy which is calmly helping.

perhaps an axe would do the job better.

nothing planned for the weekend i dont think.


rosys red coat is finished will take a picture and post. starting on another, the last i think for her, kind of a deck chair fabric, cheery and bright.

will go before my mood takes over. pleasant weekend to allx


Achelois said...

Wow I just love the name Basil for the dog. I think our new staffie would look silly in one unfortunately and despite me wanting to put him in one, OH would not let me! You should start a business, I know other's have but I think you have a special talent in this regard. Putting the dogs needs first rather than making them a fashion victim at the behest of their owner.

You can start a post that way - because its true. Blocked ears make me soooooo grumpy along with tinnitus a recipe for serious humph's and more grumps. I think I said already often my ear blocks when neck is awry.

By all means em go crazy - but don't chop your ear off. Only mad artists get away with that. Although if one was a rich mad artist that would be not so mad I guess - minus the missing ear factor.

I love your calm helpful - followed by the axe comment. Umm are you sure its helping? I know I know everyone says be patient, these things take time. Sometimes the need to take things slowly, remain calm and the rest is not helpful is it when what one craves is instant results, immediate gratifcation for input in. I mean unless the psycho-d therapy comes to the house sometimes I imagine just getting yourself there is no mean feat.

Well I have commented on and on as ever. So am off now also to approach the weekend with nothing particular planned. Although for me that is a dream come true. Ran out of spoons at lunchtime.

You could factor in some visualation distraction practice. By the way did I mention I am rubbish at visualisation, but the pain management specialist said she was too so thats ok!

gentle hug

Lady of the Ozarks said...

Hope you feel better soon hun.

Melinda said...

I hope that your ear feels better. I can't wait to see a picture of the coat!

Em said...

hey achelois

no problems with the post, post away i love reading comments.

aw thanks for the encouragement. i went to deliver basils coat today and he was not there. his owner has had a few health problems of late, so im crossing my fingers.

humphs and grumps oh what a good few words, grumpy mumbles. i will not elaborate because i wont stop!

this will ease i know, just takes time, and when my ears are irrigated i will be pleased.x

Em said...

thanks lady o, im sure it will pass. hope your well.x

Em said...

hi melinda

i was about to take a picture of rosy today, i didnt have the energy, i will hopefully snap one of her tomorrow. thanks.x