4 February 2011

thumbs up to ruby

a thoroughly interesting,thought provoking night. wish she could of gone on for a bit longer. however now i am tired, could sleep for two weeks.


diver said...

Hi Em. I recall Ruby Wax once saying in an interview that the only thing she learned from completing a Masters degree in psychotherapy was that it destroyed her faith in all psychological therapies. As she put it, "Therapy is 90 per cent the person feeling that someone is listening to them."

That's about the only memorable thing I've heard from her. I've never thought much of her comedy though ... too crass for me, personally.

Glad to hear you found it interesting and thought provoking though.

Em said...

hi diver

i too thought she was a little out there. yet she was funny, talking about illness that affects the head. she was softer, although still her energetic self. was unsure about going at first, yet so glad that i did. x