5 March 2011

when i was happy

taken when i had just turned sixteen. little did i know that weeks afterwards i would be shot down with pots, and not even know it. i was at school revising at the time, my friends had a great laugh, no set times to do things, just whip the books out and joke around. took me two years to recover properly. i can remember feeling so sick, not knowing what was wrong, stomach problems mostly. the dr would give me bottle after bottle of maalox, a suspension for acid indigestion. i would willing glug back the chalky mixture. starting my a'levels was a major upheaval feeling so dreadful. i would take lunch to school, not being able to eat it i would swig on the maalox, the white mixture would cake around my mouth. sick to my stomach i would attend class and couldnt wait to go home. i would black out on the way home. the dr at the time would say, stop worrying after he had done a test for glandular fever and that came back negative. i would get know further help. i know its the same story over for a lot of pots/ehlers patients. sad, so sad.


Just Be Real said...

I am sorry for what you have to go through. Safe hugs to you.

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

It is a sad tale. I do hope that the same thing is not happening, history repeating. Its such a shame for a young girl to go through all that and not know what is wrong.

Loved the robin photo in the last post. What a fluffy little bird.

All the best


Em said...

hi just

thanks, im sure there is a reason in there somewhere!!! i hope there is anyway. xxx

Em said...

hi nechtan

little robin cheered me up no end nechtan. very sweet thing he is too.

is a sad tale, i hope its not to late now, even with the health problems that i have to move forward. speaking to the therapist today, she doesnt seem to think so. even on a practical level, its good to have a boost from someone else. xxx

magic said...

I hope you can find that happiness again x

Em said...

hi magic

me too. x