24 May 2011

moochy, mopey mood.

mmmmm. title says it all really.

been without lap-top now for nearly a month i think. i miss it most when lying in bed feeling rough, i used to look at things on-line, lots of reading. now i have to sit up which is uncomfortable at the best of times, so my time is limited.

a couple of weeks to go before the holiday. theres me in croydon on saturday ( i think it was saturday) buying medical stuff, while mum is looking at the swimming costumes. is life fair?!

dropped some of the last pieces of at charleston on sunday, took some pictures of charleston which are so pretty so will post them soon.

thinking about having a competition soon, for all the regulars that have endured some of my posts! nothing fancy but the prize will consist of chocolate! will also post anywhere in the world to, not just to us blighters over here.

hope everyone is well. rosy has calmed down now, no diva attitudes, well accept some barking.

take care. x


Sarah♥ said...

Poopy mood? I think that's allowed ;)

Being without a lappy is like life (for me) without coffee.... It's REALLY hard!!

Hope you're feeling better soon.


Rusty Hoe said...

No laptop is sure to make you feel blue. So glad your holiday is coming up, you deserve a chance to rest up in new surrounds, plus I'm looking forward to your photos. Hang in there babe. I'll rummage around in my drawers to see if i can find some spare spoons to send your way.XXXX

Em said...

hi sarah

dont you just get addicted to your laptop. feeling a bit more upbeat today thanks. lovely garden you have there sarah. x

Em said...

hi michelle

spoons caught! i have eyed up a laptop which i may purchase in the next few weeks. i will be sure to put the pictures up, thinking of taking the laptop with me so keep watching!!! loved reading about your day out, dress well choosen. x

Achelois said...

poppy mood I have been in one for about a month time passes so I am not sure. So you have ever excuse to feel poopy. Although I have had to keep editing as I type as it keeps coming out Poppy for osme reason.
We should have spoon drawers taking them out for when we should always leaving one for moochy, mopey mooods.

Poor you em being without a laptop when EDS and POTS fights is just not fair. I am not even blogging but have one in draft so that is a breakthrough! Its good to see you in my reader even though I am so behind on blog reading. I think there are forks in my spoon drawers.

Holiday you deserve one. A happy relaxing one. I know the medical stuff is boring but its best to be prepared. Just go topless!

Take care em. your blog is brilliant it is the most honest, real blog I read and you should get a blog award but I don't know where one finds them.