26 July 2011


yesterday was my appt at stanmore. first off i had at 9am i had therapy to attend. then straight from there drove across london to north london. this amazes me to do 20 odd mile it took 2hrs, can you believe that? headed towards marble arch then straight up the a5, easy-peasy one 10 mile road to stanmore. traffic. lots of people. lots of photo opportunites, lots taken, lots not. along the edgware road there are lots of hubber-bubber pipes, eastern men inhaling whatever is in the pipes, was going to take a picture, however the traffic was dense, i didnt want to risk an angry pipe blower approach me in a static car so i resisted!!!

we arrived three hours early, oh me and my times, so ended up in a country park, lovely warm day, pretty view across a lake. did feel a little weird attending a hospital appointment, yet sitting relaxed in a park. normally im tense, anxious, scrunched up, waiting,waiting,waiting. must remember this is a nice approach, for next time.

adopting a potsie pose, must keep those feet uplifted! oh i made the v.top myself

note, my body does well without rushing. turned up half and hour early. then another half hour wait. i was hot, bit nervy and on edge. yet ok took my pulse it was 49bpm, i do wonder sometimes what is going on with my body.

the dr was nice, what a rare species. kind of with, polite. she understood bendiness. has put me forward for the three week course, how i will manage i dont know. must work on my anxiety. thinking of going to see a hypnotist, or try accupunture. any ideas?

came home, tired, pleased, exhausted. spent all day today feeling much the same.

maybe going out tomorrow for a treat. will post more if so.


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Glad it all went well- especially the non-anxious park experience. Getting to places with anxiety is one thing but having the freedom to enjoy them when we are there is another. Glad that went well.

No opinions from me on the two therapies as I've never tried either. But I would say if its possible to do so then try both. I think differnt things work for different people so it might just be the thing for you- you never know.

All the best


Em said...

hi nechtan

was a weird feeling to be in lovely surrounding just before an important med appointment.

yeah, i think i will give them ago. i need to work on my anxiety over the next few months if i want to be able to attend this course. thanks. x

ZKiwi said...

((((((((((( Em )))))))))))))

I am so glad the course is going ahead. Sounds like it could be very helpful.

Sorry I don't know about the therapies for anxiety. Will keep my fingers crossed things aren't too difficult for you leading up to your admission though.

Take extra good care - p.s. your POTS pose looks smashing! ;-D


Em said...

hi kiwi

hope your doing ok, or as ok as you can be with the dreaded pots.

there is a bit of a waiting list going on at the hospital, but hey thats usual. have to go for another pre-assessment with the team, then if they give me the go ahead, another wait, then im in. xxxx

Achelois said...

I would think a hypnotherapist would work better on anxiety than acupuncture. Choose carefully if you do decide to go ahead with the hypnotherapy. My sister has a degree in clinical hypnotherapy - one of the first available in that particular genre. I will email you so that you have my email address on this.

I hope the wait for Stanmore is not too long. I think it would help.


Em said...

hey achelois

thanks for that, i hope i will be able to somehow grasp the reasoning behind my anxiety, up until now i havent. will take some time before stanmore comes around, yet i think in that time i can focus/achieve some sort of balance with anxiety, well i hope so anyway! hope your ok. xxx

magic said...

hi emma, are you going on the stanmore rehab course, im very jealous if you are x

Em said...

hi magic,

fingers crossed i will be going, have to go through a few more hoops to get accepted though!!! x