6 November 2011

a few days away.....

one sweet thatched cottage.

a day trip to bath.

a visit to abbotsbury gardens.

a bird to keep us company,

cucko borrus in england.

thought this place might help me? nah

rosy on departure day.

im over tired.  yeh exhausted.  will need a few weeks to overcome the travel.  glad i went? of course. 


ellen said...

What a lovely trip in England Em. Thanks for sharing the photos. Wishing I was over there too. And Rosie looks so mournful - sorry, it's kind of funny.

take care

Coffeecup said...

Looks idyllic Em. What a gorgeous place to live hey? Never been to Bath but would love to see it. Fabulous photo of the Crescent. It looks much bigger in your picture than on TV. Beautiful photos :) I'm glad you went too, and Rosie looked like she didn't want to leave!


Ink Pink said...

Nice! Bit of a rest...and then what's next :o)

Em said...

hi ellen

hope your doing well.

ah maybe one day you will make the trip over here. couldnt resist taking the picture of rose. she was so good going round the places we wanted to visit. although she did chase the pheasants, maybe the dog instinct kicked in. x

Em said...

hi cc

bath was lovely, on my to-do list, which is no.7 this year ticked off. buildings were lovely, pity we could take a look round the baths, rosy was with us, no dogs, ah never mind another time maybe.

couldnt fit the whole of the crecent in one picture. so took one at an angle.

take care. try not to stress. x

Em said...

hey ip

this week is rest week, well until friday, pre assessment for rehab!!!

next on the wish list, FRANCE, i think that maybe a little ambitious this side of christmas, although the euros are going to be purchased. i really want to use my passport, i need to. x

Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

Great photos. Bath is a place I'd like to go to too. Looks lovely. Glad you are happy you went. Although its no consilation I would imagine you were expecting the fatigue after it all. I hope that passes soon and all you are left with are the good memories of your time away. Quite a landmark.

All the best


magic said...

looks a lovely cottage, hope you had a good time and are recovering well x

Em said...

hey nechtan

i think i kind of imagined that if i crossed my fingers i would pass the fatigue!!!! yeah i know, probably not. live in hope and all that. the fatigue has eased off, felt like i had flu, now its like i have a bad cold type of thing. oh i wish i didnt have this rotten illness. hope you and your family are ok. xxx

Em said...

hi magic

yeah was a lovely little place to hide away from the world. near the coast which was lovely for me. i didnt realise how much fatigue hits after a short break. will remember next time to pace myself more. hope your well. xxx