3 December 2011

The back I think is improving. 

Thank goodness.  Theres still a bit of arrr-ing going on,  not as much.   Two appointments next week, neuro dr, usual check up.  And an assessment for an,  wait for it,   electric wheelchair.

oh no, its kind of confirming that this is it.  ive been using a manual one now for nearly three years, outside of the house.  first  off i borrowed one from a friend of the dads.  that way i cleared it in my head that its a loan, not mine, someone elses, the dr will find out whats wrong and i can return the w-chair. 

after beind diagnosed, then came my chair.  now an electric one.  big step.  i should see this as a positive step forward.  i know its getting over the initial step, then i will be fine. 

nah, i will be ok.


Nechtan said...

Hi Em,

No fair. That is a much comfier and bigger couch that I have sqeezed onto with a blanket. And you have little furry companion!

Glad the back is improving. Take care though as its that easy to twang it again when its not at its best.

That is a massive thing for anyone to accept Em. We were all born feeling invinsible I think. It goes against the grain to accept we are not. But hopefully in time it will be so part of you that it won't be a thought and if it helps improve your life then that is good. But difficult too.

All the best


Em said...

hey nechtan

hope your feeling better.

little rosy comes everywhere with me!!!!

yeah the back is much better, thanks. when the pain level cranks up, im frankly useless. i have a low/medium level pain most days so you would of thought i would be used to it by now.