20 December 2008

part of a sock

managed to download some pics, all on my own! these socks were suppose to be a present for my dad for christmas. however because they were knitted on small needles (2mm) they will only fit my feet, so guess who's having them? i have bought my dad some more wool so i will knit him a pair after christmas.
i did find socks a little fiddly at first. and being left handed while knitting with three needles they are suppose to grow downwards while knitting them, mine go upwards, and are in the right way. if you knit socks you will know what i mean.
tired, with headache today, i just hope the headaches aren't returning. they can be very unpleasant. picked up some card making goods today from a friend, who wants me to complete some for a fete she holds, in aid of needy kids. i've never made them before, and i can't say im looking forward to making them.
will post a picture of some finished socks, and maybe some pieces of work, i love making bags, i use them all the time. and i love the feel of corduroy thats why many of my bags are made of this fabric.


Magpie said...

my sister and i were talking last night about knitting, and socks came up. knitting socks. looks like you use a thin yarn? i would love to knit socks. is it hard? i think i'll get her some knitting things for xmess.

alice said...

hi magpie

knitting socks can be a little fiddly to begin with. the first few rows annoy me. yep the yarn is 4ply. and try to get one with plenty of natural wool in, thats what ive been told, as they last longer. you need four needles. and once you get going you wont stop. you can do it.