19 December 2008

woolly head

im so forgetful of late. forgetting names, places. where i put things. im tired too which doesn't help. i need to take some new pictures. and then learn how to download them. so i don' t have to worry other people to help me.

its another lovely sunny day here. i think the windows need a clean. i lite( is that the right word?) a candle last night, it was sandlewood. it made the sitting room smell subtly lovely. not a big candle person, but this was pretty. trying to find things that will calm me down, have tried chammomile tea, okay, baths, lovely, i used to walk to get rid of the toxins. the smell when walking through the woods after its rained, bluebells in may, trees. when i was one i used to eat dirt, i can still remember the taste of the soil. thats such an odd thing to do.

im not making much sense to myself so i will leave this here.


Robert said...

Hi Alice -

You can Google open office. On the open office site, it tell you how to download it. You would probably find it very useful for letter writing, too.

I'd be happy to help you further about open office and/or blogging and/or anything else. If you send me your email address, I can help you in real time.

Best wishes.

Magpie said...

hi woolly head, i get a big woolly headed at times too. eating dirt. i dont rememebr eating it, but i've had catfish and i think it tastes like soil?

alice said...

hi robert

i will try to google open office. and thanks if i need any more help i will get in touch. i know the purpose of doing this blog was to show myself that i can do something on my own, although i also have a problem with asking for help.
thanks again.

does catfish really taste like soil? i can remember really like eating dirt. i told someone once and they said i lacked minerals and my body ate the dirt to replace them. i dont know how true this is though.