15 December 2008

no pic

i will try again, i hope i dont look daft.

didnt sleep till 3am last night. really tired. hopefully an appointment should soon be in the post for a referral to an m.e clinic. its been two years, of feeling awful.

jan 07 i'd just finished two lots of cbt. and i was pushing myself, the therapist said that it was good to feel the anxiety at its worse, because soon the feelings would ease. well for five months i did this. graded exposure.

1. i drove three to four times a week. eight miles a time. stopped half way and drove home.
2. went on public transport three times a week. that was sitting on a tram for 20 minutes and getting picked up the other end.
3. attended an art group twice a week, for two hours, which was good, but still around people. and came home on my own on the tram.
4. sat in cafes, well a number of times a week

and i pushed myself. the therapist said that was good, feeling so crap was good. so me in my naive mind thought things we going well. until i started to lose weight. palpations, ( nothing new), tingling down my arm, dizziness, which came and went, tiredness, feeling like the floor was moving, headaches, chest pains. the doc said it was to do with my ears. a year late the ent said it wasnt. now they think its m.e. and im waiting for the appointment.............


Magpie said...

Hi Alice, just looking around here. It looks like you did get a picture up :)

alice said...

hi magpie,

i had a fiddle. i would like to get them on top of the posts. will try. what do you think so far?

Magpie said...

it looks like you got the pic at the top.