16 December 2008

yeh i done it. its a rug that i stitched. copied from charleston farmhouse in sussex, where the bloomsbury group lived/stayed. was a bit obsessed by the house a few years ago and have made many pieces.

anyway today, ive had a headache. i hope they arent coming back, and my eyes have been hurting. nearing christmas, first year ive bought stuff on-line, thing is i didnt miss trawling round the shops, yet when thats taken away from you its kind of sad.

i just hope things will improve. i used to love walking, i mean miles at a time. and i can just walk 30 seconds now. i just cant think of things, otherwise it will drive me insane.


Magpie said...

what a pretty rug. how long does it take to make one?

Anonymous said...
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alice said...

hi magpie

i deleted my own comment!

the rug takes around 1/2 months an hour a day, all depends how im feeling.