27 January 2009


as the title suggested, i'm confused. i don't get life. peoples opinions,judgements. constantly pulling others apart.

why can't i lose this anxiety? why does it persist? it's followed me around for so long. with know let up. everyday. i know that it's not rational. it crawls over me. covers me. i feel like i have an enormous amount of anxiety to lose. like if someone weighed twenty stones, and wanted to be ten. i seem to have that much anxiety and i need to lose it. as with weight im not going to lose it over night. to keep chipping away at it, annoy it. i've tried in the past. perhaps not hard enough.

i wish i could put it somewhere and leave it be. not go back for it for awhile. abandon anxiety.

fed up.


Robert said...

You wrote about...
"peoples opinions,judgements. constantly pulling others apart."

The first thing you need to do is to stop caring about other people & their opinions of you. This will reduce your anxiety. Then you can start to look at other causes of anxiety.

Learn to like yourself!

alice said...

hi robert
im getting to that point, and when im aware i can 'not care'.
its like others blogs, ive read yours, now reading your wifes ( very honest, good to read) and a few others, and i dont comment because im nervous! why? its so stupid. i need to not think and do.

Robert said...

Don't be afraid to comment. ALL bloggers like comments. Even one-liners. Even one worders!!

So have a go. It's easy! It doesn't answer back!

Best wishes

alice said...

thanks robert. its so stupid. i think its done to confidence. ive left a few messages. yet i just wish i didnt have to think about things before i do them.