30 January 2009

fed up

i've had to stay in. feeling more tired. i really dislike being so inactive. i would walk for miles, a few years back. now i can't. i need to remind myself this is not for long.

been static, isn't good for your mind. trapped. stationary. i never thought life would be like this.


Anonymous said...

do you think it's the weather? the sun will start shining soon. have you gone to the doctor at all?

alice said...

have had docs appointments. the sun was out today, and beneath glass was warming.

Coffeecup said...

Ah long walks, I remember them too. Thanks for commenting on my blog, because it enabled me to find you.

Rachel's Diary said...

hi there, i just found ur blog and realized u have probs walking ... i do too....is urs through anxiety or something else....mine is palpatations and panic. i have an electric bike its great x

alice said...

hi rachel

mines through the m.e. im hoping they will find out why. its so upsetting not being able to walk.
thanks alice.