9 January 2009


yesterday was my first venture out shopping in around six months. went into the local centre, to pick up a phone, the one i have is five years old and is nearly finished working. so i thought i'd better get one before it breaks. also to look for some clothes. i tend to leave it a few years then buy a few things. i had to take the chair, it wasn't so bad. i spent an hour and towards the end i was getting frustrated, and wanted to leave so i did. weirdly too i think i had a bit of a panic before i entered the car park. i've been to two hospital appointments, without much anxiety, i go shopping and im nervous, why?


Robert said...

My wife is the same - panics or heightened anxiety happen for no obvious reason. That's one of the reasons that it's hard to treat.

alice said...

its so strange, as my worse possible anxiety, is hosptials. yet although i was anxious i didnt panic. i know the local centre can get quite busy at times, but this was in the morning.