8 January 2009

vw fan

mum has had a vw van for ages. been round europe. pushed the van through toll booths in spain when it wouldn't start in the august heat. here are sixty three campers, stitched in 2.5x2.5 inch squares, then stitched together as a wall hanging. my own design, its been featured in a magazine a few years back. i love the colours, the happiness, mum still has the van, just.


Robert said...

That's not just a wall covering - that's a work of art! Why not see if anyone would use your design for prints? I'm sure they would sell well.

alice said...

hi robert

funny you should say that, in september i approached tate modern. they asked me to formally propose a selection of my work. i think a mix of lack of confidence and being ill ive not got round to it. thanks for the encouragement.