9 March 2009


this is all the stuff i have to carry around when i go out. its a much smaller amount than i used to carry, but still heavy.
chewing gum, in case i feel unwell, phone when i panic, gloves and hat for winter, note book, diary, plasters, water spray in case i get hot, cath kidston lip balm smells lovely, nivea lip balm, pen, perfume in case of nasty niffs, vics vapour rub in case i panic a quick sniff makes me feel better! oyster card for when i was doing graded exposure exercises, travel bands for the m.e. nausea, car keys, door keys, anti bacterial wipes, worry people ( present from my niece),and cath kidston purse.
i do use all this stuff, and i think i would panic without it. oh and sometimes a bottle of water, although that just weighs me down even more.


diver said...

Hi Alice. Thanks for the peek into your handbag :) I thought all that was very interesting (I really enjoy the fine details of other peoples' lives).

Vics Vapor Rub to ease panic ... that's fascinating! Do you just like the smell, or do you use it to help with your breathing?

alice said...

hi diver

vics is such a distintive smell, and quite strong,i dont particularly like the smell, it just helps with breathing. i have a constant blocked nose, i think i maybe allergic to something, i dont think the m.e. helps.

and if theres an awful smell around i can have a quick sniff!!!