4 March 2009

when i was ten i knitted this pencil case for school. i remember feeling so proud, joining the wool, sewing a zip in. then i took it to school and someone remarked how awful it was. i was taken aback and believed them for a minute. deep down i knew this wasnt true. occasions like this have followed me throughout my life.
i doubt my senses. when i shouldnt.
now twenty more years later, my niece puts her coloured pencils in it, after it was retrieved from the attic, and washed.


diver said...

I made the picture big and looked closely at it. It's a nice piece of work. Great colours. Knitted really well! It's an especially fine piece of work for a ten yearold, I think. The person who said it was 'awful' was wrong, I'm sure of it. It was just nasty of them to say that.

You wrote, '... occasions like this have followed me throughout my life.' I'm not sure what you mean by this? Are you saying that in the past you have not listened to your own feelings, hunches, and intuitions very much?

alice said...

thanks diver, your previous comment helped. i dont know much about computers, thats why i decided to do a blog, to learn more. i was worried someone hacked in!

i dont know why i kept the pencil case its 25 years old. probably one of the objects that i squirrel away.

i think i definately dont listen to my feelings. those gut instincts that give you insights. i wasnt always told i was wrong, but alot of the time i was,i was the youngest you see.

i always (not so much now) believe others are right. the thing is they are, for them. not me.

and thanks again for the info on the message.