3 March 2009

when i first started to develop symptoms of m.e, i looked pretty rough. i was sitting outside a cafe, when a women approached me. feeling anti-social i just smiled, thinking leave me alone. anyway we got talking, she was an artist from north london.
she finished her hot chocolate, then started to draw on her polystyrene cup. above result. me.
i keep things, that have no monetary value. i like it that way.


diver said...
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alice said...

this post hasnt been deleted by the author, does anyone know if someone else can removed posts!

diver said...

Hi Alice. The message, 'This post has been removed by the author' means that the person who wrote the comment changed their mind and decided to delete it ... for example because they thought they'd said something you might misinterpret.

It's not a clear message is it! It should say, 'This comment has been removed by the person who wrote it.'

Don't worry about those 'Comment Deleted' signs. It just shows that someone changed their mind, that's all.

Hey, I really liked your cup picture and the story that went along with it ... especially the part about collecting things with no monetary value.