25 August 2009


what are these docs about? last year when i tried to get a home visit they said that they 'didnt do home visits'. asking for an appointment for friday of this week, the reply, ' well if you phone friday she may well come out, as all her appointments are gone in the clinic'. what sense does that make! so the doc will come out on friday to check me over.

ive applied to an organisation that my dad belongs to, a masonic fund, to see if they will pay for the hospital fees, that occured in may. i need to get together all the information they want. so im trying, i had to ask the doc why couldnt the nhs treat me. i picked her letter up today. her reply was, that they had treated me, that i refused to leave the hospital, and a & e diagnosed the problem. all total lies. now i dont mind admitting when when im in the wrong. but when people have the bare faced cheek to lie. espically those in power. thats just wrong.

i dont think they have heard the last of me. i didnt want to cause a stir. i didnt want to make a fuss. i thought i would be labelled a trouble maker, and little old, i dont cause a fuss me, didnt want to do that. perhaps i need to change me.


Coffeecup said...

Just a thought hunny, but after reading your comments in the last post about the dreadful repuation of your GP's surgery, I would consider changing practices if I were you. You might feel more comfortable making a complaint and challenging that letter if you are no longer a patient there? I was horrified to hear your GP effectively allowed someone to die by not referring them for vital tests in time. Do you know anyone who gives their GP a glowing report? If so, join them instead?

lotte said...

Why do we feel obliged to
'keep quiet'
'not complain'
'smile' (when we dont want to)
'nod in agreement' (even though we dont agree)

I do agree with coffecup on this, maybe you should look at changing your GP....it does sound that they are not the best, sometimes though its the fear of better the devil you know that keeps us where we are even if we are not happy

alice said...

hi steph,

my sister goes to a practise, and she cant praise it enough, and its in my road. its a small practise, and i think its about time i thought of changing. ive been suspicious of these morons for a while now, even the paramedics had nothing but insulting words towards them. so its not just my opinion which im sometimes reluctant to believe, thinking im in the wrong. thanks steph.x

hi lotte

better the devil, i normally live along those lines, and it doesnt get me very far. i need to be more confident in asserting my beliefs. im useless at complaining, not wanting others not to like me. thanks.x