26 August 2009

dig a hole.

thats what i feel like doing, digging a hole and curling up.

ive been thinking for a couple of days now over the doc business. and its making me ill. so ive agreed with myself, that im not thinking for a while about it. the letter made me mad, was it suppose to?, maybe thats why it was sent.

i know you guys will tell the truth, whats you opinion about suing the docs? its not something i would ever thought of doing. i have a little background knowledge in law. i know not necessarily the cleverist lawyer will win, its the most manipulative. the right wording, the right language. im angry over the 'lying letter'. i will tell the truth. a few family members have suggested, a few friends too, that i should fight for justice. i dont know whether i could deal with the stress. but the bill was huge, and i feel guilty with my parents paying it, when the docs should of picked up on my symptoms last year when they were bad.

please give your honest opinions, even if they are against the idea, as long as they are constructive they are welcome. im in a quandry.


Lena said...

Alice, I feel for you, I really do. How those professionals cover for each other is maddening. It's their bloody fault in the first place! If nothing else, see how much legal advice you can muster before deciding. My very bones are screaming SUE! But I know I have had my own struggles before.

Years ago my little sister was ignored by her GP when suffering some sort of mental breakdown. For 3 days I went through hell trying to help her and our surgery kept turning her away saying nothing was wrong and she didn't need a GP. I took her straight to the psychiatric department of our local hospital when I couldn't bear to see her suffer anymore.

Within a few hours she was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Back then, (1993) a GP could strike a patient off without a reason and that's what our surgery did when they found out I had taken matters into my own hands.

Both me and my sister had to find other practices to register with. There was nothing we could do, but I did at least get the local paper involved and they ran the story in support of us. It shocked a lot of people how she was treated.

I was hitting a brick wall with trying to sue them myself. The problem is the bigwigs will cover each others' backs. I may not have won the battle completely, but I made sure that mental health in this instance at least got the support it deserved.

I have other examples I could use, too, where GP's weren't alert enough but I'll keep them for a future blog.

Alice, justice and truth should prevail. As tiring as it sounds, find a friend who'd be willing to go with you and find out your rights. There must be organizations these days to help with this sort of injustice. I'll be thinking of you.

Alexandra Rising said...

Hi :)

I don't know if you still want to read it, but Ive made my blog invite only. Ill need your email to invite you to read it!

alice said...

hi lena

ive calmed down a bit now, i had a bit of a rant. its true they do stick together. i hate nowadays, its seems no one will take responsiblity. i now know to persist if i think something is wrong. instead of letter it go. thats my lesson i take from this mess.

hope your sisters ok now. and good for you helping her.

thanks for the advice.x

hi alex

will post you my email.
thanks. x

Ellen said...

Hi Alice,
My experience with lawyers involves hiring one when I was being unjustly fired by a 'deranged' manager....

One thing I found out - lawyers cost a lot, and they bill you for every phone call or email they read. So about half of what I got from the company went to pay the legal fee. But still, I got some money.

What you need to do is separate out your emotions from the legal situation. The law is like a big machine - everything depends on how your case looks in law, not in natural justice. You can lose a whole lot of money in legal fees if you let yourself be ruled by your emotions and are out for revenge.

What I'd suggest is that you find a way to get free legal advice about whether of not you have a good case. Failing that, you could pay a lawyer for one hour only, and get their opinion. If they advise that you have a case, you could also feel out what they think their fees would amount to.

Seems to me you've been treated very unfairly. But whether it's worth it to sue or not is another issue, unfortunately.

Could you take a lesser step and complain to the licensing board, or even to the clinic, and see what they say? I don't know about Britain, but in Canada you can complain to the doctor's licensing body.

Is there perhaps an ombudsman that could help?

I guess I'd try less costly measures first.



alice said...

hi ellen

thanks for your advice. i know a little about the legal service, i worked in the courts in london, and studied. its unfair, to say the least.

ive calmed down a bit now. i was so angry that the truth wasnt focused on. like i say if iwas in the wrong or didnt go to any follow up appointments i would hold my hands up. but these docs, are just being untruthful. i need to think things through more.

there is a complaints procedure but in all honesty i dont think i will be taken seriously.

and with the cost i wouldnt be embarrassed to ask for a running total from the beginning. i did when i was in hospital.

thanks. x i think i need more time to think on this one.