23 August 2009

bag lady

being away so long from stitching has made me itching to get back on track. the bag above was lacking a handle, so i asked my mum to stitch it on. i dont know why she worries, she taught me to sew, i think she likes perfect. the outside was made from a pair of old monsoon trousers which i loved so i wanted to turn them into something. the lining was some patchwork material that i let my mum choose. something which is very difficult for me to do. as i like complete control over my work. and the tiny tag on the front say ameliorate, which means 'to get better', kind of apt. the tag is made out of some old linen, soaked in tea, then put through an old typewriter to get the letters.
this bag i instructed my mum to make from scratch. im using it myself right now. it needs a button attached which i bought this week. oh how i love making things.


Coffeecup said...

You are very clever! The orange bag is really stunning though both wouldn't look out of place in a trendy boutique. So nice to be able to share a skill with your Mum too, I wish mine was a crafting buddy. It's very heartening to read that your taking pleasure in art and craft again, a sure sign that health and well being are continuing to improve yes?

Sarah♥ said...

Nice work, and recycling old clothes...brilliant.


alice said...

hi steph

you boosted my confidence some. i tried to buy some more name tags to sew in the bags, but they were unavailable, pretty they were in blue and cream, with black writing on. i felt this last months the pots, although isnt under control, im feeling alot better than may, which is amazing. thanks.x

hi sarah,

i dont usually use old clothes, well sometimes only the ones that are special to me. makes them extra special items. thanks.x

Ellen said...

Such nice bags, bag lady :-)

alice said...

hi ellen.

thats me.!!!