21 August 2009


i enjoy seeing pictures on others blogs, espically of there local areas. so i thought i would post some. the one above is from the trip to kings. as you turn into this road, theres a panoramic view over london. the building in the middle is nick named the gherkin.

this is kings college hospital. its a huge hospital, a teaching hospital. the surrounding area seems a bit run down. ive been there before to have a dexa scan. its extemely busy, with lots of trawling students following doctors. i have one appointment left there next month for a neurologist. i think taking a camera out is an excellent idea. im always looking out for interesting things to take. i was sitting in traffic outside dulwich library, when i thought i shall takke a picture, it was such a pretty building i rummaged in my bag, and id left it at home! doh.


Coffeecup said...

Super pics! Keep them coming as you venture out. The best photos are always the ones we miss hey? X

Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

Like yourself I love looking through people's photographs. Please keep posting them. As you do it more I'm sure your camera will become a constant companion and a helping distraction.

The Gherkin is an amazing looking building. It really does stand out on the horizon.

All the best


alice said...

hi steph

thank you. i will be sure to keep snapping when im out. i love to look at other photos, so im glad you like mine. yeah and the best ones, are the ones we miss. now i have my camera in my bag, i made sure its there. x

hi nechtan

im glad you too like the photos. i think the camera is an excellent distraction. i have read that before, taking the camera out, but i never did it. i will try and take some more sights of london. maybe grimy croydon. oh im so harsh on croydon. get the jokes in before anybody else does!!! x

thanks for the encouragement guys.