6 August 2009


this is the wooded area where i sit some late mornings. its peaceful and quiet, with birdsong, squirrels, the odd deer, allsorts of wildlife if you look closely enough. 2 mintues away theres a bustling high street, you wouldnt think so. i was well enough this morning to go. had a shared tea, trouble was it was quite warm so i opened the door to let the breeze through, which made it slightly cooler. feeling a little better today, as the past few days i over did it. you wouldnt think so with the amount of stuff i dont do, but i did.
been fiddling with the computer today, to see what else i can do on it. found some stuff out. i never would mess around with technical bits and pieces, i was scared i would break them. how can you learn unless you meddle.


Sarah♥ said...

Looks nice enough to me!

alice said...

hi sarah.
its really peaceful. much needed sometimes.

Ellen said...

Hi Alice
It's a nice idea to get out in the morning - I also am trying to do that. I find it gets me in a better mood. Sometimes I go to the park up the street, or to a cafe around the corner. Your spot looks lovely.

Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

It looks a beautiful peaceful spot to spend a morning with a cuppa. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Sometimes the mental strain leads to the physical exertion without us realising it so its good to just relax when you can to recharge.

All the best


Melinda said...

Sounds like a lovely morning. Hope you're feeling better and good luck for the appointment.

alice said...

hi ellen

its a lovely spot, away from the noise and business of the high street. good to sit and think, without distraction. and your right puts me in a better mood.x

hi nechtan

muscles tighten with mental strain, and we dont even realise it. i certainly dont anyway. until i do a bodyscan. i think if we all lived in this sort of environment, like way back, i imagine we would all be alot more peaceful, and less anxious.x

hi melinda

thanks for the appointment luck, i need it. im just hoping it will pass without too much distress. thanks.x