9 August 2009

so long, farewell........

not me. the camper. on its way to finding a new owner. someone new to take care of it and have some fun. after quite a few years of ownership my parents have decided to pass it on. sad to see the old bus go. parked up on a beach in the med. spent many a time pushing it through toll booths in the august heat. mum drove to spain in it. on the way home near toulouse we had some engine trouble. called the aa out, a french man took it for a drive, whilst we stood in the pouring rain, he came back and said no,no, its fine. so we trundled on home. every time we stopped, it conked out. so driving round the outskirts of paris (theres a road, cant remember its name,like a small m25), mum had to make sure she didnt stop, at five o'clock on a friday night that proved quite difficult in rush hour. we made it to the channel tunnel, keeping the engine running, hoping we wouldnt be searched (we didnt have anything to hide), and yes they searched us with the engine off. luckily it started, otherwise i could see the officials trying to push us on the train!
(i'd just had a paddle in the pictures. 1,400 miles from home.)


Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

It sounds like the camper has been a great servant over the years. It must have clocked up a fair few miles. No wonder you are sorry to see it go but the memories will I am sure live on.

All the best


Coffeecup said...

Awww how sad to say goodbye! I'd love a camper, so classic! Well as Nechtan says, the memories will always be with you. What wonderful times you must have had, when it wasn't trying to break down of course :-)

Ellen said...

These pictures are like a time trip back to the seventies Alice. Or is it eighties? Your mother sounds like a very adventurous person.

alice said...

hi nechtan

yeah we had some great times in it. mum had a new engine put in after the episdode in france, as something got caught up in it and ruined the engine. sad to see it go.x

hi steph

you wouldnt believe the inappropriate times its broke down. they have a wallet full of garage receipts and parents are too scared to add them up! x

hi ellen

yep the seventies it is. the camper was build in 1977. thing with my mum is she is very adventurous, yet timid and unassertive in everyday life. but boy did we have a great drive down to spain, just the two of us.x