28 September 2009

curious - banksy

im sure some of you have heard of the artist bansky. well a few days/weeks i cant remember my heads away in headache land, im sure driving round an industrial estate ( we dont just drive round them for fun, it was a short cut) in croydon, there were two men with video cameras placed right next to a concrete wall. a distinctive looking piece of graffiti plastered across this grey slab of wall, i recalled the artist as bansky. i must, when im feeling better go and take a picture for my blog.

i know on the local high street some clever little sod has gone around with some of his smaller pieces of work and sprayed them onto the wall. out side the cashpoint was one, although the tsb thought better of it and painted over it. on the wall of m&s still one sits, something about santa. sainsburys, bless them still carries the sign, 'you might be laughing now but one day i will be in charge'. the royal mail post box, holds one, although i thought that would of been against there rules. and finally a telephone box, something about 'the children of the cctv generation'.

makes me smile when i see them.


Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

It sounds interesting and would make a lovely photo. Good luck on getting that one. I haven't heard of him before but will look him up.

All the best


alice said...

hi nechtan

he has a bit of a cult following. no one knows what he looks like. interesting drawings. will try to get a picture when im feeling a little better. poor bloke he had to come to croydon! x