28 September 2009

with fringe.......

not a good photo. i tried to load my pictures from my phone and stupid nokia wouldnt let me. (not saying my computer skills are rubbish, blame the phone!). so i took a picture from my camera of the phone picture. poor little rosie looks like shes being hugged tooooo much.
anyway, fringe or no fringe, what do you think?


Robert said...

I like the fringe.

Coffeecup said...

oooooh WOW! Good choice! You look so beautiful, sophisticated and glamorous. Love the photo too. The fuzziness gives it a wonderful artistic quality and makes you look sweet and sultry at the same time.

Wolf whistles......whoop whoop! Watch out boys ;-)!!!


Ellen said...

You look sexy and mysterious in this photo alice. Sometimes mistakes make great photos! Keep the fringe I say.

Alexandra Rising said...

Oh my gosh! Beautiful!

Sarah♥ said...


diver said...

I agree with CoffeeCup and Ellen, tis sultry and has mystique. You English chicks ... what lovely faces you all have :)

I also liked that photo you posted on 28 July. It wasn't a 'fashion' photo like this one but I thought it had mucho character and appeal too.

Nikki said...


I dont know if that link will work? But I think that cut on you would be fab if you want to keep a fringe!

I do like the look of your fringe but it seems a teeny bit disconnected if you know what I mean.. like it doesnt blend v well with the rest of your hair (the fringe seeming much thicker too).. Gosh, I think I'm coming across as a right b*tch :-/ Im really sorry if I am, Im not trying to sound mean/horrible! (plus I cant really comment, I have 365 bad hair days.. and the most recent attempt at cutting my hair has resulted in disaster!)

I think for me Id say no fringe, I like the carefree look of your hair on your profile pic :)

Nikki said...


Maybe that will work better!? If not, just google Katie Homes haircut blog!

..A blog dedicated to Katie Holmes' hair, who knew!

Its about the 7th picture down though.. shes standing with Tom Cruise (if that helps!), its a cut that would suit you I think.. a really nice bob with a chunky fringe.

..Ive got my eye on the 'Medium hair cut Feb '09'! If I decide to be drastic and chop it all off thats the style Id like!

Rachael said...

love it :)

alice said...

hi robert,

thank you.x

hi steph

thanks, such kind words, made me feel happy on such a crappy day. i think the light of the camera made the picture turn white, giving it the fuzzy look! youve cheered me up. xxxxxxx

hi ellen

some of my best sewing mistakes have turned into great creations. i think i will keep the fringe.xxx

hi alex

thank you.xxx

hi sarah,

thanks for that. must post some more pictures. xx

hi diver

i checked the photo you mean, au natural. i liked that photo too. such kind words. xx

hi nikki

of course i dont mind you writing what you think. i so like the shine on my hair even though im unwell. i checked the photos of mrs tom cruise, i liked her styles. particularly the one she has at the moment, the short crop. x

hi rachael

thank you.x

Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

Great photo. Like others have said its very artistic and beautiful.

All the best


alice said...

hi nechtan

thanks. i wish i could say that i spent hours fiddling with the picture. but i didnt!. x