16 September 2009


went to kings college on urm what day was it, yesterday. they want more tests done. stomach, bowel, brain scan,eye doc, and something else which I'm sure i will remember. the doc had the results of the tilt table test, he told me they were abnormal, yippee!

i came out smiling. an odd thing to do when someone has just told you, you are ill. but i feel im getting somewhere.

and a plus, i phoned up my doc that i saw in hospital in may, and hes going to see me on the nhs, which will save money, it just means i will see him in three to four weeks, which isn't such a wait.

the doc at kings, also said that theres a primary cause to the p.o.t.s. so if they can treat the cause then the p.o.t.s should cease, or at least ease off. thank goodness. they are concentrating on the brain stem at the moment, not sure why.

had some bloods taken. when i entered the blood room, and saw around thirty people sitting down, i thought oh no, i cant sit up for long, i must tell the reception, i was wheeled in my chair and the lady just waved me through. mmmm, theres something to being in a wheelchair, i by- passed the queue and was seen straight away. if i wasn't so ill i would laugh.

i do feel that im getting somewhere at last.


Ellen said...

Hi Alice,
I totally understand about being happy about the test results. You know there's something wrong - finding out what it is would be a relief I would think. Then you can start seeing about treatment. And I guess there are advantages to everything, even being wheeled around in a wheelchair!

alice said...

hi ellen

your spot on, at least im getting somewhere and at last in black and white facts. about time after two years of near nothing on the medical front.

as for the wheelchair, im seeing it as a temporary measure, and if i can jump the queue then so be it!! although i do have medical reasons for doing that. x

Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

It must be mixed emotions but as you and Ellen have pointed out there is now a diagnosis and a road to recovery. That is a very positive thing. And now you will be talking to people knowing they cannot have doubt in their mind as they do with anxiety related problems. I hope you are on the road to wellness soon but in the mean time you are certainly growing in confidence.

All the best


alice said...

hi nechtan

heres to hope. i really hope now that i can get the help that i needed two long years ago. why the doc couldnt of done these tests then i dont know.

well i do know, money. she even suggested i see a neurologist and a cardiologist last year. in which case the problem would of been solved without me spending x amount of money i can ill afford on private medical care.

thanks for the support.x

alice said...
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diver said...

'... treat the cause then the p.o.t.s should cease ...'

Fingers crossed for you Alice, this is massively exciting news, the first ray of 'hope' you've been given you about this condition. It's great news!

Melinda said...

I hope the results come soon and that you feel reassured in knowing what can be done. You're very brave!

alice said...

hi diver

sure is on the right track, at least im getting somewhere now. thanks.x

hi melinda

knowing what can be done will be a positive step forward. fingers crossed. xxx