12 September 2009


next installment;

21. red faced, when I'm poorly i suck my thumb. I've been poorly over the last few months.

22. when I'm well i might treat myself to a car. I've always fancied a Nissan Figaro.

23. when i had the ed treatment, the doc said i had aspergers traits. makes sense to me now. i think my whole family has.

24. I've drank bottled water since 1989.

25. i love simplistic down to earth, non materialistic people. who talk about ideas, travels, another words nice people. don't see anything wrong in being genuine and nice.

26. dislike public transport.

27. love the concept of being a freegan, just couldn't dive into rubbish bins.

28. adore nature. when I'm well i want to walk in some woods, smell the earth, listen to the birds. i understand life more when surrounded by nature.

29. manners. just doesn't hurt or cost anything to be polite.

30. clothes shopping. i can never find anything that i truly like. theres always something wrong with me choosing clothes. whether it be the size, pattern. i want perfect. and i should know by now there is no such thing.

oh and i cut myself a truly stupid fringe. why? because I'm bored all day by doing nothing, so i decided to get the scissors out and to lop off a mighty piece of hair. dumb me; been thinking why did i do it? philosophical me; well i wouldn't of known what it looked like if i never did it.

remember to leave well alone.


Rachael said...

I agree with 27, the amount of food that is thrown away is disgusting.

Like you though, i couldnt go through bins!

Nikki said...

The bit about you cutting your hair made me laugh!

Ive been cutting my own hair for the last 6 or so months.
a) because of the agoraphobia/visiting the hairdresser, and
b) because the last visit from the home hairdresser worked out at £1 per minute!
.. So I'd rather have a mop head than be a sucker!

Im sure your fringe looks fine :)

Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

Manners are high on my list too. I get so annoyed with ignorant people. In fact I mentioned one in my blog. A man I helped pay for fuel at the garage and then he just blanked me. It makes the blood boil. So many people are so caught up in themselves as the centre of the universe that they wouldn't even think to try.

Like yourself I detest public transport too. Especially busses. One thing I hate is having to sit facing someone in close proximity for long periods or getting stuck beside a chatterbox when you can't be bothered talking or...the list is endless.

All the best


alice said...

hi rachael

ive seen documentaries on freegans, i think its great what they do, however im a sell-by-date sucker, and the thought of bin trawling, urgh! x

hi nikki

thanks for leaving a message. my fringe has kind of settled down now and doesnt look so bad. i think we notice things, that other people miss. and paying one pound a minute gets you thinking, perhaps were on to something here. x

hi nechtan

i remember reading that incident on your blog. thing is it shouldnt matter so much, but it does. i would go mad when some didnt acknowledge with a wave when i was driving. that would wind me up. yet being unwell has given me some insight into what just doesnt matter. its down to that other person. not a reflection on you. x