1 October 2009


my dad is in russia, stuck out in the middle of nowhere, disliking this trip. my dad is someone that speaks to everyone, never happy unless hes conversing. luckily hes only spending two days, so hes back tomorrow. the trip has taken him two hours outside of moscow, hes been before in the mid-90s so he kind of knows what to expect. yet this time he was picked up from the airport, with a non-english speaking driver, dropped off at the hotel, with non-english speaking staff, and spent the night watching, yep, non-english speaking t.v. this would be his worse nightmare, he phoned up lost and dare i say unhappy.

this morning i was going to send him a criptic text, joking about, saying 'the money is in the aubergine suitcase', but i thought better of it incase he had been bundled into a car and driven to some Muscovite apartment. and then they read his texts. (my brain is in overdrive). seriously, some of the stories that were told from last time i wouldnt put it past the russians. then i started to worry myself, until i told my brain to STOP.

im sure he cant wait until the plane touches down in heathrow tomorrow, he climbs into his vw and makes his way home.


Ellen said...

Hi Alice,
That's pretty funny - 'The money is in the aubergine suitcase...' He he. Hope your dad got home safely. Cheers, Ellen

alice said...

hi ellen

dads home today. oh my word the job is for a big wig in russia. if i could only post the pictures, they are bling-tastic. why oh why do SOME people with money have such bad taste!!x