8 October 2009


terrible memory, terrible terrible memory.

im forgetting things all the time. i dont know the names of objects, my mind goes completely blank. which is fine when your around family, when your staring into space and having to describe the object,' you know that thing in the kitchen that cleans cups' yep dishwasher.

ive have this on and off for the past couple of years. im not to worried because it doesnt hurt, just makes me feel a tad bit stupid.

fingers crossed for saturday, found out that i only have to be put into half the machine, phew.


Nikki said...

been there, done that!
Its awful!
I was standing at the front of the queue at the chemist and couldn't think for the life of me what the item was called.
I ended up standing there between several errrrr's and ummmm's and just pointing going 'yeah, that stuff there, no not that.. That one.. that.. errrr, that spot cream stuff.. errrr..' How embarrassing!

Achelois said...

Can't actually remember what I was going to say now - you are not alone in this. The mri's are ok - they give you a button to hold and intercom etc. If its really awful for you give them a ring tomorrrow and ask for sedation. Will think of you Saturday. Don;t forget to let us know how you get on now will you.

Take care Alice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

My memory is terrible too. A lot of it I think is down to age, continual introspection and preoccupation with other thoughts. A good memory at our age is probably more of a rarity.

All the best


alice said...

hi nikki

mind boggling blank. im hoping it has something to do with the p.o.t.s, i know over the past few weeks things seem to have worsened. have an appointment with the consultant at the end of the month so i will be sure to mention it. xxx


hi archlois

thanks, i will be sure to let you know. i know this is harmless yet its just another box to tick off. i just received another appointment through to day for mid-november. appointments seem to be coming out of my ears at the moment!!! x


hi nechtan

im hoping im not losing it just yet! please not on top of everything else. but its nice to know others have the same problems, although not nice to know for them. thanks.x