3 October 2009


a few years back, i wanted a scarf which wasnt too warm. driving in a heated car theres not much need to wrap up warm. i raided the wool bag and came up with some old white babies wool, which my aunt gave us. i also knew i wanted a holey pattern. so i got out all the pattern booklets that my mum has in her needlework box. i couldnt find any. so i got an old dolls pattern for a dress which my mum knitted me when i was about four. i can still remember the white and yellow edge set.
so i set about arranging the rows, making the pattern even in stitches. i seem to be not a natural knitter. one edge is a few inches bigger then the other! afterwards i dunked some teabags in hot water then placed the finished scarf in.
i ended up with the above. a lovely soft, warm (not to hot) scarf which is a little old but exactly what i wanted. it smells lovely too for some reason. i liked it so much i knitted one in crimson, damson, and seablue. just goes to show what you can do with little material but alot of imagination.

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