4 October 2009

more pictures

hope these pictures arent too boring. just a few i took whilst out. a bendy bus, two buses fused together in the middle. quite dangerous, as many a cyclist has been knocked off when the bus turns left. also three or so have burst into flames. whether you love him or hate him, boris is going to get rid of them.

i think a pretty block of apartments. (ok, flats. there are so many boards calling them apartments the name kind of sinks in). there are perspex panes covering the facade in pinks, reds, oranges, with wood surrounds.

the salvation army headquarters. a huge building, covering quite a bit of land. the statue is of mrs salvation army, i cant remember his name, you know who i mean, the man who started it all.

my dream car. a nissan figaro. i want one, and if/when i get better im going to get one. preferably in grey, but i think this colour is quite nice too.

a modern house, plonked among victorian houses. i think its quite neat. looks a little out of place, but the new and the old should rub along. just before this house lives terry jones, from the monty python fame.

and finally a symmetrical house in dulwich. its the area that maggie thatcher lives in,mmm not sure whether she still lives there. theres a toll booth which is still in action, in an extremely rich area, you are charged one pound to cross. it has a dolls house quality about it. just a small look at life in south london. will continue to take my camera. the other day i forget to take it and i was lost without my snappy friend. i took a picture of an estate agents, you wouldnt of believed it, more like an up-market cafe. some of the sights are weird and wonderful and i hope to show you more of these in the future.


Coffeecup said...

I really enjoy your photos. The areas around London I find fascinating, compared to my little grim town it's very cosmopolitan and bursting with interesting architecture. Thanks for sharing!

The bus sure is strange. Gosh they must be jam packed to be gluing two together like that. The buses here usually are carrying a handful of people. Not very eco-friendly I don't suppose. Weird and wonderful. Love it :-)

Achelois said...

Hi the pictures are great, its like an afternoon out for me from my front room! Many years ago now I used to like to travel on the top deck of double decker buses on the way to work just to view the plethora of houses available from that level. I would imagine myself living in some of them, how I would do the garden etc! Living in the heart of the Sussex downs its a treat to see the big city. Thank you.

alice said...

hi steph

glad you like the pictures. oh im sure your town isnt grim. london isnt all interesting, i will takes some pictures of the downsides. reminds me of the lily allen song, 'if you look twice its all lies'. you see desparate men walking about drinking out of brown paper bags.

and the buses, because of the c-charge, and parking, alot of people use public transport. thats one thing i dont miss about working in london, rush hour, packed like sardines into tin boxes. x

hi archlois

thanks. you live in the south downs wow, how pretty. i supply a shop there inbetween lewes and brighton. charleston farmhouse on the A27 ( i think thats the road). you are so lucky having that beautiful scenery around you, much better then grey concrete. x