8 November 2009


trying to take my mind off of my neck prob.

30; art malik once asked to borrow 10p off myself and two friends, as he wanted to use a phone box in south london, unfortunately being a student at the time, we had no money.

31; i like greengages and pistachios.

32; dont have a favourite colour.

33; was born on a friday.

34; i like the simpsons.

35; i cant believe im that age. i dont feel it. although at the moment i feel about 90.

36; around the age of seven or so i saw a bloody knife on the pavement, which had just been in someones body.

37; im the biggest wuss of all time, i dont know how ive coped this year with the explosion of illness.

38; my law teacher gave me some answers in an exam. he was a great guy and wanted me to succeed.

39; i love marmite toast.

40; ive seen the Bayeux tapestries.


Coffeecup said...

I have total empathy with your poor neck. A little while ago I trapped a nerve in mine, and was crying just trying to get out of bed. Agony! Horrid. I feel for you!

Enjoying your little anecdotes or are they confessions? Cheating at a Law exam, tut tut! Ha ha, I think your tutor had a crush xxx

Achelois said...

I worry that your neck problem will not be helping your POTS. Ask for physio at gp's or a least some diazepam for short term relief. Don't let it go on without getting checked out. Thinking of you. I have a rubbish memory so would probably have to put 'don't know' how sad is that on the 30-40!

Really hope you start feeling better soooooon.


alice said...

hi steph

i remember your post about your neck, ouch!. it really does hurt. i know i moan usually about my aching neck but this was something beyond that. my neck has luckily eased off a lot. back to the achy neck. thanks.


hi achelois

thanks for your well wishes. im feeling better at last. read about your neck problem t...... sorry cant remember then name, seems painful. took about five days to ease, thank goodness. xxx