6 November 2009


if you are of a nervous disposition, or are easily bring-down able, please view another page.

the cold, well i was very pleased that within the week it had eased, nearly ceased. proud me bragged that i must be doing something right, because in the last two years this hasnt happened, anything regarding my body seemed to drag on.

now i have a bloody pain in the neck. so painful that no matter how i lay it wont ease. im on constant pain killers, hot water bottles ( boy do they smell) warm baths, midsomer murders......

and the stupid thing was how i achieved this ache. wednesday ( i think it was wednesday) the sun woke me up through the black out curtains, i wanted some normality so i chivvied my mum into going to CP. i was up for a push in the wheelie chair. i had slight chest pains but i wanted out. as we arrived, there were people milling around the small car park, so i decided inside of standing up outside and sitting in the chair ( on a self-conscious day) i would put my new conker brown velvet knee length coat on in the car. left arm in, right arm not in, i twisted my neck trying to put on a blooming coat. not to much pain, so i forgot about it, had a lovely time sitting in the outside cafe wrapped up warm, feeling the last rays of sun. timed the visit to twenty minutes, had a quick push round. ( i must when i can take some pictures of the green parrots, weird looking up to hear squawks, acid green parrots with rosy red cheeks flying above my head)

then thursday, i have got the days right, i woke with a painful shoulder, neck, and head. friday now and the pain is still there. and i havent stopped moaning since.

i will have to ask the neck fairy to ease up on me. im sure it will disappear sometime soon, but in the meantime argh it hurts.


diver said...

Hi Alice, I agree, a good English murder mystery will ease any ailment. Midsomer, yes, I hear it's excellent for muscular aches and pains, good choice :)

All the best with your sprung neck. I hope it's sweet by the time you read this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

I've done my neck a few times. Although it doesn't feel like it at the time it will go soon- hopefully quickly. Again I think its down to the constant tension and doesn't take much effort to tweak it. And from that it spreads to the head, shoulders, back etc.

It is good though that you despite feeling worse for wear the other day you still got out. Looking forward to seeing those parrot snaps when you take them.

All the best


Achelois said...

Hi Alice, where here I am again. Its the middle of the night and everyone is asleep. So thankful to you for blogging.
Please don't apologise on the moan front - I moan a whole lot more. My guess is that in truth you put up with a whole lot more than you say and this just skims the surface. Never ever apologise for moaning - its your blog to do with as you want. I will be reading anyhow.

From time to time I get torticollis, as does my daughter it is agony. So am feeling really sorry for you - if you are saying here on your blog that means its hurting big time. So hope you have heat, etc to help... if mine gets really bad I have to take valium and have to be careful on type of massage due to nerve damage from the problem. If it doesn't abate please don't hesitate to go to the doctor rather than suffer in silence.

take care Alice hope you are having a good weekend.

By the way is it just me that is having the most hilarious word verications today!

alice said...

hi diver

im sure the amount of paracetamol is kicking in, not much, but a bit. good old hot water bottle plastered to my neck eases the muscles, although not so good for my heartbeat. and a murder they are on t.v all week later afternoon. will be watching. xxx

hi necthan

your so right, the pain feels like it will never cease. im hoping that it will go soon.

and the parrots, such on odd sight in south london, although they have been round for a good few years. once i was so near one in a tree, the little blighter just sat there but no camera or even phone, i was mad. will try to take a snap soon. xxx

hi achelois

you sure are a mind reader. i thought about posting, then thought not, then thought so.

whats torticollis? sounds painful. when your in the midst of pain nothing seems to matter. i sure will appreciate my unwell old self more than this drastic pain. ive a hot water bottle against my neck pretty much all the time, mmmmm smell of rubber, hope it goes sometime soon. xxx

Achelois said...

Hi Alice
Just google torticollis! It could be described as a big pain in the neck. xoxo