1 November 2009

nearly one.

a year ago i logged onto blogger world. i had been reading some blogs for a year previous and had been a lurker (why does that word sound so wrong). i lacked the confidence and the spirit to enter any words of my own. i waited, so next month will be my blog birthday, #1.

i will surprise you all with a little reveal on the blog b-day.

back to moaning status, i thought cheerily last night the cold had gone, was i wrong. i woke this morning with a sorer throat, and a congested nose. please i beg you cold fairy take this away, i cant put up with p.o.t.s and snot.

this past week, i think my sweet niece felt sorry for me, because she has let me take care of her little diddy dog. rosie, has kept me company, shared my cheese sandwiches, and let me kiss her furry little head as many times as ive wanted. you are a pleasant tonic, thank you rosie.


Alexandra Rising said...

Cute puppy!! A yorkie?

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

I'm glad you took the plunge. Getting over that hurdle of the first few posts is the hardest park. It must seem like second nature now. They are great to look back on.

Rosie seems to be a good comfort, how nice of your niece. I hope the cold is gone soon.

All the best


Achelois said...

Hoping your cold goes asap. Love the cute dog and adore the colour of the chair its sitting on!

alice said...

hi alex

it is indeed a yorkie, but not a puppy shes four years old! x


hi nechtan

it does seem normal now writing each post. i was so nervous the first month or so, i just didnt know what to write. and rosie is so adorable, a real good well behaved dog. x


hi achelois

im trying positive vibes to banish this cold. im sure it isnt flu, on top of the p.o.t.s it sure is a nuisance. the chair is on oldie from ikea, slightly faded now. xxx