31 October 2009

one i made earlier

something i made earlier. well a few years ago. thought i would post a pretty picture of a cushion i tapestried, not an endless post of my medical miseries.
i stitched this cushion, the pattern was from charleston, called the abstract-patterned cushion. took me a whole eight months to sew because i couldnt get used to the oblique-slav stitch, the beige stitch. i love it, i love the colours, the style, the era.
yeah i didnt moan.


Coffeecup said...

Wow! It's so neat! I don't know how you have the patience? I do embroidery occasionally, but I couldn't do a whole cushion as I'm always in a such hurry to finish.

That's absolutely lovely! Amazing sweetie, you are so talented xxx

Melinda said...

Very beautiful! I didn't know that you did tapestry. It is amazingly ornate but also such a lovely pattern. I like the connection to the Woolf family!!

alice said...

hi steph

im usually not patient, yet with the medium of the stitch im so content and slow. its a pity i cant do much stitching at the moment as it would of been a good way to pass the time. your so kind with your words too.xxx


hi melinda

ive been stitching for 12 years now and selling for the last four. ive sold 9 rugs in all to charleston, and small bags, clutch bags, spectacle cases etc. i adore that era, charleston farmhouse is so colourful and a beauty to visit.

ive been reading virginia woolf since i was in my teens. i remember once i raided the library to take on a holiday, and read the hours, the waves, a room of ones own( i have a small bloomsbury classic to myself), to the lighthouse. have you read her diaries? one to read too.

will be sure to post some more tapestries in the future. xxx

Achelois said...

I haven't the patience - even my knitting is in a bedgraggled mess at the moment. The cushion is beautiful.

alice said...

hi achelois

i think you have to find the happy craft your good at. at cant embroider, ive tried and tried, so ive stopped trying now. but tapestry i loved, i loved seeing the cushion rug etc grow, and i especially love the colours.

ive tried recently to crochet, i dont think having a p.o.t.ty head helps to learn a new craft, and ive stuck the wool and crochet hook back in the cupboard!

oh and all good knitting bags are full of chaos. xxx