4 November 2009

random nonsense

after one of my many trips to kings college, this shop still amuses me. i thought with the colourful chairs, small cafe, huge glass windows, that a cafe was housed inside. yet its an estate agents. right slap bang in the middle of east dulwich. yep that is rosies head to the right.


Achelois said...

In the current economic climate - that must be the reason its empty, such a waste of funky chairs.

We only go to London once a year really to see eminent professor at UCHL - if I had been standing where you were I would have either thought ooh cool shop selling only chairs that all look the same of differing colours or the same as you along with - that cafe can't be good as its empty but the chairs may well have enticed me in! I may have got a coffee too if the estate agent inside thought it would make me buy a house!

Hoping today was a good one with smiles.

Robert said...

I hope your cold has gone away at last?

alice said...

hi achelois

waste of funky chairs, yes. never seen it running alive with people. maybe the coffee and tea arent that good either!.x

hi robert

the cold has gone, quite quickly i thought, but the neck ache has appeared, here comes the moan-fest.