27 December 2009

blast from the past..........

a blast from the past. around 1989-1990, me and my friend would be a regular in the body shop. i loved the different smells, some more than others. banana shampoo, white grape skin tonic (oh what would i give to receive a bottle), ice blue shampoo, im sure there was an orange type of conditioner or was it something else. also my friend and i would buy bottles of dewberry shampoo, i can remember walking to school smelling our freshly washed permed hair. so when i was asked what i wanted for christmas, this year instead of saying anything, i asked for specifics, i trawled the net and found the above. dewberry shower gel and moisturiser. i now know its a tad overpowering but boy does that smell bring back memories. mmmmmmmmm. so thanks sis.
also over christmas, which was peaceful and spilling with thoughtful and much appreciated gifts, little rosie came round christmas day and has stayed since. as you can see she keeps me company when im trawling the net, she looks interested. she came to my aunts today, and sat on my lap the whole time shes so sweet. at present shes sitting on the end of my bed after going for a walk before dinner.
hope everyone had a calm and easy christmas. xxx


Rusty Hoe said...

Dewberry also came in body lotion as I recall. I loved the body shop it was such a treat to go to the city twice a year and buy some as a teenager. When I first left home and moved to the city I was so excited to be able to buy my own body shop products when ever I wanted. Loved their nut body butters. Whilst my tastes have changed and I am now addicted to L'Occitane products, I still have my "Recycle, Reuse, Revive" t-shirt although after nearly 20 yrs its looking a bit sad. So glad you found some after all this time. It may be a bit overpowering but think of it as a little bottle of happy memories. Glad you had a nice chrissy :)

Ellen said...

Oh, that Dewberry. I had some in body lotion about 20 years ago. I liked it then and I bet it's still good!

Good to hear you had a nice Christmas Alice. Cute pic of the little dog surfing. :-) Happy New Year!

alice said...

hi rusty

thats the kind of thing i would do, keep a tee after all these years. i rubbed the mosituriser into my skin last night after a bath, and had whiffs of dewberry all evening! i just keep remembering walking to school when i smell the dewberry, in an instant. how the brain works! hope you had a nice xmas.xxx

hi ellen

you too had the dewberry, the body shop bought back a few memorable bottles this year. so when i couldnt think what to have as a gift, and saw these old favourites i knew i should purchase them, glad i did. they do smell slightly different, or that could be my 20 year old nostrils playing a game, but the elements are still there.

little rosebud is cuddled up beside me atm, waiting for a walk. she is so sweet.

hope your xmas was ok.xxx

alice said...
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Melinda said...

Rosebud so cute!!