28 December 2009

parrots in south london.

woke early this morning, well just before 10am, feeling ok, so went out. mum pushed me around cp it was cold but not as cold of late. we have rosebud with us so she enjoyed the little jaunt around the park. we then decided to have a cuppa, the owner knows us so she allows the dog in the enclosed area outside where usually no dogs are allowed. id wrapped up warm, my toes were frozen. sipping our tea i heard the familiar squawk of the parrots flying overhead. so i got my camera out, snapped a few pictures which were too far away. i asked mum if she wouldnt mind taking a few shots nearer the green creatures. apparently, we were informed theres a nest/hole in the tree, which you can see in the picture. as mum approached nearer one of the parrots squawked and the three flew off. not a bad shot at least you can see them.


Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

Quite amazing. They do make for a lovely sight. Great image too.

Glad you are still getting out. That photo of your doggie at the laptop in the last post was lovely.

All the best


alice said...

hi nechtan

i knew i would get the shot of them in the end. well it wasnt me who took it, never mind. its quite normal seeing them, but at first around ten years ago was rather odd. wish i could of got a close up though, they have rosy red cheeks.

rosie at the laptop, i dont think she wanted me to use the mouse, therefore having a hand free to stroke her!!! shes sweet.

hope your well.x

Coffeecup said...

Wow! I think it's incredible that beautiful parrots can survive and live freely in London. As they don't interfere with our native wildlife I reckon they make a lovely addition. They certainly would perish up here in Merseyside where it gets so much colder.

Happy your getting out and about and enjoying the sights. XXX

alice said...

hi cc

unfortunately the parrots damage the trees, i think there beaks are responsible for stripping the woods. they are such a wonderful sight, rosy cheeks, green feathers. im turning into a bird watcher!

hope your new year is a good one. and brings all what you want.xxx