22 December 2009

watching crows

this morning i was able to go out, the cold weather seems to effect me at the mo, so i was glad to see some fresh air. firstly was able to get into cafe nero, although i was pushed past to see if it was crowded, if it was then back to the car i went. it wasnt so the wheelie chair was so bothersome. felt a little anxious, i think though because of the weather.

then was about to go home when mum suggested to go for some lunch. i didnt want to travel far so went to cp. at cp they do kind of like seaside food. so i had a vege burger and shared some chips. the slush from the snow still covered the pathways so instead of sitting in, we drove round were the freegans live, anyway there was sunshine there so it was warmer.

i had a burnt chip so i threw it out the window for the crows, around twenty flew down and pecked the chip. i never knew they were so timid. they wouldnt come to near the car, and when i moved they flinched. black beaks, shiny feathers, they looked quite sweet really.

the vege b had far too much lettuce in so that was thrown out too, the crows had feast with that. i felt sorry for them and wanted to feed them more but i dont suspect they like oribt chewing gum!!!

then i headed for home. im exhausted at present. all presents are bought and wrapped. im waiting for the snow to disappear, pretty as it is, what a humbug i am.


Nechtan said...

Hi Alice,

Good that you are getting out and despite the exhaustion you have done great to buy and wrap this year's presents. Now you can relax- unlike me who is hovering at the window all day looking for the postman to bring the remaining goods.

I know what you mean about the crows. When I go down the local park around midday there are plenty of crows and gulls in a frenzy as school kids congregate down there with their chips and end up leaving lots of pickings amongst the litter.

That is a great photo. Its not easy to get a good photo of them because there is so much black. I've tried and failed lots of times but the detail there is brilliant- you really should take more.

All the best


Coffeecup said...

Those birds will be hungry in this sub-zero weather we're having. Poor things. I always feel really sorry for them when it gets this cold and food is hard to find. They probably would have been given all of my chips! Do you have a feeder in your garden? I love watching the various species that come for breakfast, mainly pigeons tho, pah!

Well done for getting out and about. That's way more than I've managed sweetie. We're frozen in here in Merseyside, the roads in this town haven't been gritted properly (no suprises!) and it's like driving on a skating rink!

Stay happy lovely lady xxx

alice said...

hi nechtan

thanks for the praise with the picture, i really just take as many as i can then delete the ones i dont like, thats my technique!

the crows to me seems timid, much more so than the pigeons, they wont come near the car, just tip-toe as near as they wish then jump back, they are quite funny to watch.

i will in the future get a picture of the parrots, its so odd to hear them flying above squarking, seeing the bright green colour, such an oddity in south london. xxx

hi cc

im turning into an old smelly bird lady. you know the type you see on the local news whose been told to stop feeding the pigeons, but carry on!!! seriously you will see me soon carrying my bag of bird food, trailing with flies like linus from charlie brown ( was it linus?).

theres a few bird feedings in the back garden on an old apple tree that doesnt grow anymore. in the morning a number of birds fly down and fight for the food. its pretty. one year there was even gold finches on the lavender, gorgeous colours they are. xxx