21 December 2009


after a pleasant morning out, had a tea at modern hall, finished the christmas shopping in next on an industrial park, was able to park right outside of next in a disabled bay. i returned home to find the appointment with the neurologist they have put off till the end of next may, i know it was mid-may but nearly five months to wait for an up-date! what is going on. when the neuro wanted to see me just after christmas.

the snow is falling in big icy flakes, the sky is dark now, the log fire downstairs is flickering hot, and im stuck in bed watching christmasey films.

so as to reduce the amount of tablets im on, i asked the original consultant a couple of weeks ago was it wise to come of any of the tablets. nope, but i could reduce the domperidone. well ive been trying over the last week or so. i keep taking them in the morning but the lunch and dinner time ones i cut out. and the nausea has returned. i tried my original tricks of chewing mint gum, wrists bands etc and although they have helped, the nausea is still there, so bugger it im going back on them. at least until i find another way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

That is a real sickener. Even just a phone call to give you a quick update would be something rather than leaving you for almost half a year in the dark. I wish there was some way you could push them on that to get some answers as its the least you deserve for attending all the tests.

I think you are doing the right thing with the medication. Although its great you want to reduce it if it means you are getting adverse symptoms then it makes more sense to keep with it.

All the best


Achelois said...

If it helps alice you are not the only one. UCHL just changed an appointment that has already been changed once, to October 2010! Does that help.

If you are waiting on test results ring the Consultants secretary and insist that that the Consultant gives you a ring with results.

Sometimes they do this when there is a pending appointment with another Consultant at another hospital. I think its called passing the buck.

Don't suffer unnecessarily take the med's if they help.

In the meantime look at it as a break from the hospital merry-go-round, a holiday from the waiting rooms of the inevitable disappointments.

Wishing you the very very best of wishes for Xmas and the New Year alice. My very dear internet friend.


diver said...

Such a cosy picture you painted of the snow, the fire and the Christmas-y films, nice one Alice :)

Your neurologist must be busy, lazy or planning a world trip !!! I agree with Nechtan : five months is not right, just way too long to be leaving you on the shelf. Any chance of a change of personnel?

alice said...

hi nechtan

mmmm, ive kind of expected the unexpected now. nothing seems to run smoothly or evenly you need to roll with the punches.

i took control with the nausea tablets, im going to continue to take them if they make me feel better. its not like its a little bit of uncomfortable-ness, its pretty unpleasant. i shall tell the doc this if he complains.xxx

hi achelois

so you too with the wait. i think perhaps because they arent immediate cases that need seeing, they can push us to the back of the queue. i wonder whats on the tops of our files!!! you know the some docs put initials to describe a patient.

hope you have a peaceful christmas and a pleasant new year without too much pain. i think the reason my joint pain has subsided from a year or two ago is because ive been unable to walk far because of the p.o.t.s. pain is incrediably angering when you have it day in day out. xxx

hi diver

the neuro was a fellow oz. i didnt know this, his accent wasnt very broad. although one of the nurses described him as odd, i thought he was fine, one of the better docs, maybe im odd to thats why things were fine with him!!!

ive been thinking about taking a plunge and going private again. this time keeping a log on what i spent, just for a hypermobility appointment though, they switch to nhs, otherwise its another six month wait, whereas privately they see you within two weeks. seems unfair but thats life! xxx